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Cosmetic products

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Cleanser Product

Focus on cleaning the skin. Removes oil and dirt that clog pores deeply and gently, but still moisturizes the skin with a wide variety of products. The main ingredients are extracted from nature. There are many formulas to choose that suitable for all skin types and can be produced according to customer’s need (soap, shampoo production)

Whitening Skin Product.

Focus on nourishment and conditioning for whitening skin with natural extracts, inhibit the production of Melanin, which is the cause of facial dullness, reduce the dark spots, the freckles, and the blemishes to fade without harmful substances. The results in skin toning that is whiten and clear sustainable. (whitening cream production)


Anti-Wrinkle Product

Fit the needs of reducing facial wrinkles with products in the form of creams, gels, lotions, serums which are rich in natural extracts that help to restore the sagging skin from aging. Replenishing moisture and strengthen the skin flexibility. Make the skin firm, truly look younger (Anti-
Wrinkle Production)

Anti-Acne Product

Fit all the acne problems with extracts that are efficiency. On the spot in acne treatment, reduces acne breakouts, makes acne disappear faster, controls oil and control new acne without using harmful substances causing allergies or irritation even sensitive skin (anti-acne cream production)


Eye care products

An innovation to care for the skin around the eyes very gently. Help to nourish and reduce wrinkles. Add moisture to the tired skin around the eyes. Increase the blood flow in the skin. Protect collagen and elastin. Increase the strength of the tissues around the eyes and also effectively reduces the bags under the eyes. (eye cream



Moisturizing Skin Care Product

Innovation for adding water into the skin. Rich in the value of natural extracts that focus on nourishing and moisturizing and prevent wrinkles, protect the skin from external pollution, adjust the dry skin to return to soften and brighten without making the skin oily or causing allergies even sensitive skin. Available for all skin types. According to customer requirements (skin care cream production)

Sunscreen products

Focus on protecting the skin from UV rays in the sun with a high SPF level, protect the skin from both UVA & UVB rays, help to diffuse the light and reflect the UV rays that hit the skin without hurting the skin. The texture is absorbed lightly, no sticky, prevents the blemishes, the freckles, the dark spots, the dullness and the wrinkles caused by exposure to light or sunlight. (Sunscreen production)

Exfoliating products

For skin care that needs more than the regular creams, exfoliation is a necessity. This group of products will focus on the exfoliation of skin cells gently. To remove the dirt that left on the face and dead skin cells to peel off. Revealing new and clear skin. To prepare for a deep nourishing step without causing the harm, the redness or other allergic reactions. Because every formula focuses on natural products (scrub production)


Body care products

Body care is a matter that cannot be ignored as well. This line of products includes both cleaning products to restore, care, protect the skin from sunlight, weather and pollution that hurt the skin, help improve the skin tone. Add moisturiser to the skin. Makes the skin soften, smoothen pleasant to the touch. And look naturally beautiful with healthy. Through a process of selecting in high quality of raw materials so that every molecule is gently cared for. (body lotion production)


Breast care products

Products exclusively for women to maintain beautiful breasts. Concentrated and rich in various substances with the benefits and value of specific nourishment. It is a natural extract that nourishes the cells of the mammary glands. Help to prevent sagging with age, adjust the size of the breasts to look plump, firm, fix the problem of small breasts. Stimulates the production of collagen and female hormones from the inside resulting in tightened breasts and enlarged along with nourishing the skin on the décolletage area to be moist, smooth, and charming, safe without side effects (breast care cream production)

Body care products

And proportion

The product is rich in ingredients that are effective in dissolving the fat underneath the skin's layers. Help to solve the problem of areas that have excess fat or cellulite such as the upper arms, thighs, abdomen, hips, and buttocks. Help to destroy the old fat cells and inhibit the accumulation of the new fat cells. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Makes the skin smooth and firm, reducing the problem of stretch marks of the skin with various extracts suitable for various forms. There are creams, gels and lotions to facilitate and fit the needs of

consumers. (fat burning cream production)


Hair Care Products

Focus on a variety of products based on hair types such as oily hair, normal hair, dry hair, split ends, perm, coloured hair or hair that has been through various chemicals. It also has a full range of products. Since the process of cleaning. The process of maintaining healthy hair and scalp from root to tip until the step of protecting hair to be beautiful, healthy, and weighty with various formulas consist of naturally produced and useful extracts for all scalp conditions. (hair conditioning production)


Spa products

This product line is a holistic health and beauty treatment with natural methods. So that the body and mental can be relax from stress and fatigue by selecting high- quality ingredients both locally and internationally to make a variety of products such as spa soap, aromatherapy oil, body massage oil and various formulas of body scrub which is available in the form of creams, gels, lotions, muds and masks for skin treatment from head to toe with natural, safe without chemicals (spa product production)


Herbal products

It is a product that brings the value of a wide variety of herbal extracts both at local and international. It is used as raw material in the production of cosmetic creams and cosmeceutical to fit the needs of consumers who want natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly products under a variety of health and beauty properties (Herb production)

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