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Tea, coffee and herbs

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Tea, coffee and herbs

SCG Grand Company Limited produces tea, coffee, herbs with natural extracts of international quality for all complete range that provides satisfaction to consumers and ready to take care of promoting branding for the customers as well as producing products for sale to the market, dietary supplements, cosmetics and beauty care products that are the number one in Thailand, SCG Grand Co., Ltd. is a leader in the industry business manufacture. Certified of production with the world-class international standards, GMP, HACCP, and HALAL.

ชา กาแฟ และสมุนไพร

We can produce the dietary supplements (OEM Dietary Supplement Products) in One-Stop-Service. You can trust us and your products will be sold to the market with efficiency and sustainability. We are the quality factory that will help you become a business owner easily with an affordable price, our factory guarantees the safety. It's our pleasure to provide consulting services to facilitate the start of a business. This is in order for your brand to grow steadily and get the most benefits. The manufacturing that fit with the GMP standards are glad to provide advice on matters of the FDA registration or new formulations to have a unique feature, herbal tea, weight loss tea formula, healthy tea formula, detox tea formula etc.



SCG Grand Company Limited. We produce a variety of coffee recipes as you want whether it's coffee for weight loss, coffee for the body care, coffee for men's health especially, coffee for women with delicious taste, adjustable taste, safe for consumers. Drink and get results with full efficiency with natural ingredients imported from abroad with modern coffee factories. Increase the trust of customers with international GMP certification. New technology in every step of the production with the researchers team who invent formulas and develop products with full knowledge and experience with confidence and quality products for starting a truly healthy coffee brand.



Herbal extracts produced by SCG Grand Company Limited cover all market needs such as Plai, Turmeric, White Pueraria, Red Pueraria, Black Ginger, Beetroot, Centella Asiatica, Amla.

We also produce various herbal medicines according to the needs of all types of customers (MADE TO ORDER) to meet the needs of the growing market of supplements and have a high opportunity to market for profit.

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